FOOLAD KARAMAD CO. company as one of the main equipment suppliers and importers of oil, gas and petrochemical projects ongoing in the country.

All business dealings in China as the office of company M & R STEEL Official AGENT Of FOOLAD KARAMAD directly without the mediation of the management.

Particular importance to the quality, timing and interaction with global industry Another feature of this company. Create unit sales, after-sales service, domestic and foreign trade as an integrated feature of the company is managed.

Imports of oil Equipment to the country immediately and directly is faster than the conventional low-cost and Iran trade.

As well as the financial capabilities of the company in the global market and the Middle East strong point, to connect with the global economy and advance the company's objectives in this field.

Experience of management team with knowledge of the world and cooperation with well-known companies in Oil industry distinctive in mega-projects of this company .


synchronizing with international standards efforts led to the increasing use of global knowledge engineering knowledge in the industry and by raising goals are more simple and easy.

With several years of experience executives and professionals the collection and use of science to date and determine policy as well as domestic and international trading. Advance planning and taking comprehensive Iranian steel market at different levels as well as equipment for the oil industry in the not too distant future the important aspects of this company. Harmonize domestic needs as well as import needed products and commodities industries .

Applicants attention to the importance of High technology  products and introduction of new integrated management system And update the control objectives and the use of existing capabilities is an important part of the collection's genesis.

Office Address
No. 620 , 5th Floor,Bahar Tower,South bahar St,TEHRAN-IRAN